Beer lists

The tabs under this heading will show you lists of our available draught and bottled beer. The selections undergo constant evolution for several reasons:

  • A certain beer may become temporarily unavailable because of situations with an importer, local distributor, or the brewer themselves;
  • As we find new beer we like, less popular ones may be cycled out to make room on the tap wall;
  • Addition of seasonal beer (e.g., Maibocks, Oktoberfests, Christmas ales) may require temporary retirement of other ones.

We make a special effort to keep this section updated, since it is arguably the most important page on the whole web site. There are times, however, when a new beer may arrive with short notice, or a planned one arrives later than expected, so the best way to know what beers we have is to visit the pub and see for yourself. With those caveats in mind, here is a snapshot of our current draught selection. They are arranged by country of origin and color (either dark, amber, or pale.